the rules of maysville
being a gpsl we have very simple rules. we plan on being as laid back as possible for as long as we can. right now we have no updates required but once we're established we will have to implement this rule. this doesn't mean you can't post updates, etc. for right now, we're going to be focusing on interaction with each other. you must be participating when you can in plot posts, ffas, ooc dev posts, commenting intros, commenting on gossip and news articles, etc. we will have regular activity checks and we will monitor how often you update your flist. if you typically fall into psl mode once you get an sl, this will not be the gpsl for you.

as for the basics, you must have an ic journal with an in character and out of character contact post. your out of character contact post must include some basic information on your character. what's their full name, job, age and birthday, et cetera. and that's it! once you're done with that you can apply. examples are required and we'd prefer to see narratives and scenes but will take a look at whatever you've got. you'll have 48 hours to post an intro. introductions can be done any way you'd like: conversation prompts, questions, etc. we encourage members to think outside of the box on their introductions. remember, this town is just a bit weird so feel free to get weird. members are allowed to take liberties with the town. want to talk to people about the floating cat that never leaves the bathroom at the town library? want to ask people if they've also seen the invisible boy digging through trash? does your character find it urgent that someone help them get the loud gnomes off their roof? post about it! you can make those sort of smaller things up. remember, this is maysville, a town where anything can happen. it won't be out of the ordinary for residents to talk about these things. use this opportunity to kick your character off in a bizarre but real fashion.

just in case you were wondering, your characters are human. they can change temporarily with plots and such, but characters cannot be vampires, werewolves, etc. that would take away from the fun of them randomly becoming one for a week or so and then getting thrown into something else.