town details
maysville is located in the pacific northwest just a little bit north of myrtle point. maysville was founded by ulysses r. maysville in 1872 and still has families that can count their generations back that far. most of the population (just a little over 3,600) within maysville was born and raised there, attending the maysville elementary, middle, high schools (go lions!) with most going on to study at the community's small but functioning university, m.u. newcomers are misunderstood beings, as they're not used to the same idiosyncrasies that maysville has. though, even the town's people don't fully understand maysville or all of it's possibilities.
town locations
the brewseum: as the oldest bar in town, it's changed it's name 7 times since it's inception. starting with "deja brew" to the town's favorite "what ales you", to "olive or twist", it's no secret the owner loves his puns. it's the most popular bar in town but not the only one by a long shot. it's chosen by maysville citizens because of it's billiards and live music and large selections of imported beer. just make sure you always laugh at benny the owner's puns as he has a wall of banned patrons that he's kicked out for not appreciating his sense of humor.

wonderment: the extremely popular roadside food stand serves different items daily and it's always a surprise. the food is affordable and it's owners have been running the stand for 20 years now. it's located just in townsquare, where people are willing to stand in line for 20 minutes or longer just for the kitsch experience.

the happy hostess: right across the street from wonderment is their rival, the happy hostess. it serves quick american food and has only been open five years. the hinkle family owns the diner and has been a direct and bitter rival of the wonderment owners. the two establishments have caused quite a ruckus over the years. nevertheless, some chose the happy hostess on days for something different on their lunch breaks, because it's much quicker and cheaper than wonderment.

may park: the park is located just in the northern part of town. softball leagues it holds buildings with basketball courts, the town library and the local gym. it's a favorite during the winter for sledding and townwide snowball fights. the outdoor park opened back up as it was closed all last fall and partially the summer because it was overrun by maysville fairies that preferred no one entered their "sacred land". the fairies have magically disappeared and the park area has been cleaned up.

maysville woods: with 81,988 acres of wooded area, maysville woods boasts many parks, camping areas (cabins and tents) and beautiful hiking trails. just look out for boris the bear - he's ancient and he's no myth like bigfoot. he is over 7 foot tall and has ginger fur with scales along his feet. no one knows how he's lived so long, but the town considers him a treasure even though he's mean and unfriendly. boris rarely comes out, but when he does, he's hungry.

bindlestiff cavern: a large cavern located in the southern part of maysville at the bottom of maysville forest, bindlestiff cavern was named after the woman who discovered it in 1864. bindlestiff was not the name of the woman, but a word used during those days to describle "tramps" or "loose women". ms. anne gorbert ran a burlesque house back in the 1860s and was infamous for the ins and outs of the house and was often called a bindlestiff. activist groups in maysville have been trying to get the name changed for years. the cavern is a popular hiking and outdoors attraction. after walking miles to the destination, you can travel underground to ancient cavern. the caverns remain a steady 54 degrees year round featuring some of the most unique formations. many gemstones and minerals can be found down there if one knows just where to look - just be careful, some may be cursed or enchanted!

hot boris: an unofficially named part of maysville includes this location, which is just up the hiking trail of maysville forest. it's been long known as a place couples go to neck, have affairs, secret meetings or just participate in some tawdry behavior. the name has been associated with this particular spot for over 50 years when it became popularly used by the town's high schooler population.

downtown maysville: downtown maysville holds the town's strip mall which contains the local theater and various office buildings for local businesses. while it's not the biggest mall center in the country, one can normally find what they need here - if the shops haven't closed down due to periwinkle's (a supernatural aberration that can only enter through open doors that loves to clean out the safes and cash register's of maysville's shops and businessnes) bi-monthly appearance.