the lottery: the lottery is a well known event in maysville. all citizens must enter, and the lottery drawing is held at city hall. if you draw a blank white paper, nothing happens. if, however, you draw a purple piece of paper you are put on fairy guard duty at may park. three people will draw purple pieces of paper and will be required to rotate shifts for a month until the next lottery. you must go on leave from work and your employer is required to pay you because you are not paid for fairy guard duty. your responsibilites including guarding the portal (an ancient tree that the fairies have been banished to) to make sure that the town is not taken over by them again. in 2017, one of the guard's fell asleep on duty which ended in disastrous results from may park. maysville has just now recovered and is bringing back the lottery.
the pumpkin festival: every october, the town holds pumpkin fest! - more details to come.